Share content between your websites.

Distributor is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to syndicate and reuse content across your websites — whether in a single multisite or across the web.

Easily reuse content across your sites
Distributor's pull user interface lists content available in your other sites

Push and Pull Content

Share content between multiple WordPress sites, in a multisite network or across the web using the REST API. Push content to another site, or review available content in your other sites. Your words, media, meta, categories – they all come along for the ride.

Push the content you’re editing or viewing to any of your other sites from the admin bar

Made for the Busy Content Manager

A carefully crafted user interface enables content managers to quickly and intuitively push content to other sites — whether they're editing a story or just browsing a site. Distributor sets canonical meta tags to protect your SEO.

Distributor intuitively presents the origin and status of any reused content

Keep Shared Content Connected

Reposted content receives updates from the original, canonical source automatically. Content managers can also "fork" (unlink) content from the original.

Finely crafted code built the WordPress way, with clear comments, and plenty of hooks.

Designed to Be Extended

Built with the same extensible approach as WordPress itself, with fully documented hooks, actions and filters to customize its default behavior and create custom distribution workflows. You can even create connections to other platforms.

Download the Plugin

Distributor is a sophisticated solution that we want organizations of all shapes and sizes to count on. To keep adopters apprised of major updates and beta testing opportunities, gather feedback, and prioritize common use cases, we’re asking for a little bit of information in exchange for a free key. Your information will be kept confidential.

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